Certificate Programs

Monday, September 19 & Tuesday, September 20

9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day

Jumpstart your career — and get the essential knowledge, practiced techniques, and sound theories you need to become (and remain!) a top performer in your field. You'll receive a signed Training magazine Certificate from the speaker onsite and an eBadge. Fee: $895.

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P01: Elearning Design Certificate Program

PRESENTERS: Diane Elkins, Co-Author, E-Learning Uncovered book series, Amy Morrisey, President, Artisan E-Learning

“What do I need my learners to know? What do I want to cover in this module? What do I want this slide to say? What question can I add to be interactive?” When elearning design starts with questions like these, the end product could easily end up as a bloated data dump that leaves learners wondering how to get that half-hour of their life back. It’s an easy trap to fall into when we focus on knowledge (the means) instead of performance (the end). In this workshop, you’ll learn simple but effective strategies to help you design elearning courses with a laser focus on what your learners need to do differently...and how to help get them there. In this program, you will learn to:
  • Set objectives that truly matter to your audience and your stakeholders. (Spoiler alert: no one cares if they can list, define, and describe things!)
  • Work more effectively with subject-matter experts who think everything needs to be included.
  • Write engaging storyboards that provide useful context for your learners through examples and scenarios.
  • Plan visuals that don’t just decorate the slides, but rather help your content come to life.
  • Design realistic practice activities that reinforce skills rather than simply test superficial facts.
This program will fundamentally change the way you perceive the design and development of elearning, and the possibilities for success!

PROJECT: Using a real-world case study, you’ll work in teams to take a ho-hum data dump presentation and transform it into an engaging, interactive program that actually helps people do their jobs better.

BYOD: Laptop (Mac or PC) running Microsoft Office or Google Docs/Slides.

P02: Elearning Development Tools Certificate Program

PRESENTER: Nick Floro, Co-Founder + Designer Architect, Sealworks Interactive Studios

In just two days, equip yourself with the skills you need to develop effective and learner-centric elearning — while getting hands on with many free and low-cost development tools.

In this workshop, you will:
  • Receive budget-minded resources that will make the instructional design and elearning development processes faster and easier to complete.
  • Discover exactly how to storyboard.
  • Create media using your own voiceover, video — and more!
  • Try some new technologies, fail forward, and receive real-time feedback.
  • Sketch and use wireframing concepts to build a prototype.
  • Learn how to apply design thinking to brainstorm, collaborate, and create amazing experiences.
  • Gain practical tips about basic voiceover skills and audio engineering, including how to choose and set up your equipment back at work.
  • Improve your design skills to better use and understand color theory, fonts, images and graphics, balance, and harmony.
PROJECT: You will plan, design, and develop learning elements to complete your own elearning or microlearning project during this certificate program (come prepared with a topic to work on during the workshop). You will use several of the tools explored to develop your project.

BYOD: WiFi-enabled laptop/device with a microphone. Ahead of time, install Google Chrome, free trials of both Adobe XD and Adobe Premiere Rush. Many of the tools used and concepts you learn during the certificate program can also be applied using other tools you might already have.

BONUS: Private access to a class discussion board set up for your use in asking questions and receive guidance on your course content.

P03: Building Interactive Elearning in Storyline Certificate Program

PRESENTER: Ron Price, Chief Learning Officer, Yukon Learning

This comprehensive program provides everything you need to begin building highly interactive elearning modules with Storyline 360. The focus will be on practical tips and use-case exercises that will allow you to begin applying the newly acquired skills right away. You’ll:

  • Review Storyline best practices.
  • Learn to build engaging and effective elearning using the building blocks of Storyline in a variety of ways, such as quizzing, screen recording, variables, and conditions—all of which will be explored and practiced throughout.
  • Learn a practical approach for using Conditional Triggers and Variables to help design complex learning modules.
  • Experiment with creative interactions using dials and sliders, and explore the use of motion paths to engage the learner with meaningful animation designed to change the focal point of a learner for a more dynamic course delivery.
  • Learn to publish your Storyline course.
  • Explore even more options to help take your courses to the next level!

Whether you’re brand new to Storyline 360, or are looking to increase your skills and knowledge in the tool, this program is for you.

PROJECT: You will create a learning module that can be published and delivered to meet a variety of needs and play on a variety of devices.

BYOD: A WiFi-enabled laptop with Articulate Storyline 360 installed.

P04: Designing and Delivering Virtual Instructor-Led Training Certificate Program

PRESENTER: Kassy LaBorie, Author, Producing Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars: Master the Technology to Engage Participants

Let’s face it, engaging your audience using virtual classroom technology is an immense challenge. It requires a unique skill set that combines using virtual presentation, facilitation, and design techniques with technical knowledge to skillfully deliver online learning events. This program guides you in identifying, developing, and practicing the necessary skills to become a savvy virtual trainer and designer. Learn to:
  • Identify the technology features used to create engaging learning like chat, whiteboard, polling, and breakouts, as well as third-party applications
  • Prepare virtual instructor-led materials.
  • Select appropriate virtual instructional strategies and activities.
  • Sharpen your presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Ensure learning transfer.
PROJECT: You will apply the concepts to a virtual instructor-led training program of your choice and practice delivering it with certificate peers.

  • A participant manual containing job aids (including The Virtual Trainer’s Capability Model and a 3-Step Virtual Activity Design Process).
  • Examples and platform checklists to help navigate the various live online platforms (WebEx, Zoom, Adobe Connect, and GotoTraining); and key points to use as you design and develop materials and learning experiences.
  • A Virtual Designers Toolkit, complete with a Virtual Facilitator Guide Template and the slides and facilitator’s guide for a sample live online learning activity.
BONUS: You’ll earn bonus Virtual Designer and Virtual Trainer eBadges!


BYOD: A WiFi-enabled laptop with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and the latest version of Zoom Client for Meeting (

Training Magazine Certificates have been pre-approved by the ATD Certification Institute to offer educational programs that can be used towards initial eligibility and recertification of the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credentials.

Each 2-Day TechLearn Certificate (P01-P04) has been approved for a maximum of 11 points. 

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